Wanting t know what is going on now, with the digital effects on Medicine, I hit the net and started researching, a few years back.

Now, while doing the research, I was lucky enough to read Eric Topol MD’s book, “The Creative Destruction of Medicine“.

My life changed.

Before reading the book, I really felt my passion for medicine had terribly waned. Sure, I made a decent living, but my true passion was extinguished. I know the Health system was broken, it did not take a medical genius to figure that out; expensive, long wait time, increasing excessive paperwork, and on, and on.

Then I read that book. My passion was reawakened, and I was given hope. I see a future in medicine, along with tools provided by the digital revolution in medicine. A future I did not think was there anymore.

A system, that would be not ridiculously expensive, where the medical encounter would be a collaboration between doctor and patient in diagnosis and treatment. A new medical system aided by the incredible new gadgets arising because of the convergence of the factors Dr. Topol spoke of.

Now, also what I saw in my “ricochet browsing”, as I term it, was that the field did not have a home.

This site hopes to provide that, and incorporate a Live Video aspect, to show the people behind the changes.