Pre-Conference Hangouts to “Future of Wearable Tech” Conference,  July 25, 26 in Indianapolis, Indiana


July 23: Jordan Shlain MD of, a tool to improve communication between doctor and patient

July 23: NicolasTerry, Professor of Law, at Univerisity of Indiana, talks of mHealth Law

July 22: Ismail Nabeel MD, Occupational Medicine, talks about Innovations at Ohio State Concerning Google Glass

July 22: Jennifer Joe MD, Synho Do Phd, Donald Schwartz, Karandeep Singh MD talk about Boston’s Google Glass in Medicine’s Scene

July 21th: Albert Huang MD, talks about use of Google Glass at Methodist Hospital in Houston, in the ICU, and Surgical Suites

July 21st: Warren Weichmann MD of University of California at Irvine speaks of the integration of Google Glanss at Medical School as a Teaching Tool

July 18th: Chris Madison, from Hartford Hospital, Connecticut, Talking about Glass in Medical simulation, Glass Apps for ER

July 17th: Leslie Garson MD, Glass in Anesthesiology and MedEd or Residents at UC at Irvine

July 16th: Selene Parekh MD, Glass in Foot/Ankle Surgery, as well as Med Education in India

July 15th: Martin Olsen MD, of East Tennessee, talks about his Med Ed Use of “Chloe” the medical simulator, as well as use of Glass in Medical Education

July 15th: Marlies Schijven MD: Google Glass in GI Surgery, and in the Netherlands

July 14th: Peter Chai MD, and Roger Wu MD, of Brown Univerisity and Rhode Island Hospital: Experience with Glass in the Emergency Room

July 12th: Ned Sahin PhD. Neuroscientist, CEO of Brain Power, talks about Google Glass and its use in Autism

July 11th: Vishad Sukul MD, Neurosurgery Resident from Temple Univeristy talks about “Google Glass in Neurosurgery”

July 10th John Scott, Old School Programmer from California, talks about his Platform, “Context Aware” with Dave Martineau MD 

July 9: Jordan Safirstein MD, Interventional Cardiologist, with Jay Widmer MD, and Paul Szotek MD, speak about Google Glass in Medicine

July 8: Kyle Samani of Pristene Speaks about use of his Google Glass App at Brown University and University of California at Irvine

July 7: Pedro Guillen MD, “El Maestro deGlass” habla de Google Glass en Medicina, con Dave de Mena y Sara de (in SPANISH)

July 5: de Seville: Google Glass Aplicaciones Medicas (SPANISH)

July 4: Jesus Periez-Llano of Leap Motion in the OR (in SPANISH)

 July 3: Night: Brian Levine MD,  Glass in Medicine: General Overview

July 3: Koeus Solutions, with Guy Mascaro CEO

July 2: Glass and Hand Surgery, with Dave Martineau MD

July 2: Cirujia Maxilo-Facial con Google Glass, with Antonio Marino MD de Santiago Chile (SPANISH)

July 1: Introduction to “The Future of Wearable Tech: 2014” with Paul Szotek MD, John Bennett MD

July 1: Google Hangouts with the Master, Ronnie Bincer









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