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Medical Apps are accepted,and in common use amongst most physicians. The medical applications used by doctors vary upon the specialty, and the computer savvy of the physician. The Apple App Store has the most comprehensive listing of all Healthcare Apps, and that is the place most medical application programmers desire to be placed. However, a company, Happtique has been started in 2012, which specialized in medical applications, and believes that there will be a huge market in the future, not only for medical applications, but patient applications. Their organization of medical apps is fantastic, and this company has the chance to take over Apple’s mantle as the go-to site for physicians to get their medical apps.  Incidentally, Happtique is also trying to establish criteria as of  June 2012 for judging the worth of medical applications, since there are so many, many of which have no medical use.  Stay tuned.

Heart Pro: This app, offers function of 3D imaging to rotate cut, and label different parts of the heart.

Epocrates: Mostly as a drug aid source, used by more than half of US Doctors.

Medscape: Along with WebMD, the biggest source of medical information, as well as many other features, news updates, etc.

Anesthesiology i-pocketcards: Clinical reference guide, complete with information on  anesthetics.

EyeChart: The top downloaded medical app of 2011, EyeChart features visual acuity exams.

Doximity: A professional social network for physicians and healthcare professionals across the United States, allowing for goodl communication.

The ECG Guide: This comprehensive app good teaching tool, with many examples of ECGs.

MedCalc: A trusted medical calculator.

PsychTerms: PsychTerms has lots of psych terms.

Pocket Lab Values: Allows access to more than 320 common and uncommon lab values.
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