by John Bennett MD

In these days of the Digital Era, it is difficult to pull oneself away from the keyboard,  and dive into a real live book.  Luckily, I managed to do so with Guy Kawasaki’s “What the Plus?“, about the joys of Google+.  He is a top-flight curator, which he has shown by his creation of  That is where I got the links for all the below research centers.  I collected all the links to each center, and put them on this page,  so you can go through each link before breakfast!

Thanks Guy, hope to meet you on the ice in Honolulu someday!  I learned from Bobby Hull the first time you shoot at a goalies, shoot at this head, with a high slapshot.  Then next time, when you wind up for your next slapshot, and the goalie raises up, SHOOT LOW!!

With the digital age, we are afforded benefits of innovative medical devices, medial apps that aid in all areas of medicine, but one of the most important benefitis is communication.  It benefits all to know what research is being conducted, all over the world, and let’s let everyone know about what the medical research people are up to.

Boston University



 California Institute of Technology 

Cardiff University


  Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute

  Case Western University




Emory University

Georgia Institute of Technology

  Indiana University  

 Iowa State University  

Johns Hopkin   




 McGill University

Michigan State University

 Monash University

  New York University

Northwestern University

  Penn State  

  Princeton University  

Purdue University

  Rice University  


 Stanford University

  Stoneybrook University  

  Syracuse University  

Texas A&M University

  Tulane University  

  University of Buffalo  

  University College London

  University of Arizona

 University of California at Irvine 

 University of California at Berkeley

University of California at Davis 

 University of California at Santa Barbara

 University of Chicago

  University of Colorado at Boulder

 University of Florida

  University of Illinois  

  University of Kansas  

University of Leeds

  University of Maryland    

University of Michigan

  University of Minnesota  

  University of Missouri  

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

University of Nottingham

University of Oregon

  University of Pennsylvania 

University of Queensland

  University of Rochester

University of Sheffieldr 

  University of Southhampton

  University of Southern California

 University of Texas at Austin  

University of Toronto  

University of Virginia

  University of Warwick  

  University of Washington  

  University of York

  Vanderbilt University

 Washington University in St. Louis University   



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