John Bennett MD: Editor -in-Chief

    John read Eric Topol MD’s book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine, and it changed the course of his life.  And it was fortuitous, too,  because his total dedication to digital medical content curation on the net combines  his  two passions; healthcare and computers.



    The mission of the Advisory Board is to ensure the highest quality material is shown on this site, in all areas, specialties, topics, etc.  In addition, advisors watch for any information in their medical niche  that may enhance the medical learning experience. We thank them!



    Simon Downes is a Clinical Psychologist, based in Tokyo, who has a varied background.  He is a third year Medical Student in Japan.

    Loves Hangouts!  Participates at all hours of the night from Japan. ….PhD (MD Candidate, currently in Med School), Clinical Psychologist at University of Tsukuba, Regulatory Affairs Consultant (FDA/CE/Japan) for bone conducted hearing aid in conjunction with Tokyo Medical Center Hospital 東京医療センター Bilingual spoken, written Japanese (In Japan since 1992) 医学生、発達心理学者 I



    John Hewitt, Engineer and Neuroscientist, former owner of CRE Precision, a machine shop based near Philadelphia, specializing in the design and manufacture of instruments for biomedical research.  Frequently writes for ExtremeTech.com

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    Spiritual force, maintaining what Albert Einstein once said, “It is amazing that curiosity survives formal education!”….Pieter Kubben MD, a Neurosurgeon from the Netherlands is a true internet savant, and it is scary to see that he is so young at 35! He was picked as one to the Top Ten Internet-Smart Doctors in the world for 2012 for many reasons. The big ones are his creation of the Number #1 Neurosurgical App in the world, called “Neuromind”. Also, he has written four other Medical Apps;, OrthoRef, Safe Surgery, Cervical Spine Injury and the Surgery Neurology International Journal, of which Pieter is the Editor-in-Chief. In addition, he does research, and is very active in the Medical Infomatics Field, and the speaking circuit, as evidenced by this TED talk.

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    Engineers Have Created Biocompatible Microrobots That Can be Implanted Into the Human Body

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    $250 million awarded to new Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Innovation Hub

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