Robotics is simply a mechanical or computer driven-machine to accomplish a pre-determined task.  In Medicine, the applications of these machinesa are called “Medical Robotics”, and that is what we are going to talk about tonight.

For this talk, we are taking the material from a PDF file sent by Andrea Collo, of Robotique Lab in Montpeelier, in the South of France, pictured here.




Andrea is a PhD in Robotics, and is currently working on Orthopedic Robotics, and sent this material.


Robotics is fairly new to medicine, and here is the basic timeline of its development:








Let’s go over a few areas that medical robotics covers:




The Lindbergh operation was a complete tele-surgical operation carried out by a team of French surgeons located in New York on a patient in Strasbourg, France (over a distance of several thousand miles) using telecommunications solutions based on high-speed services and sophisticated surgical roboticstelesurgerytelesurgery2telediagnosisbook


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