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From the serious, educational, informative majority of the pediatrician blogs, to the light-hearted approach to pediatric problems like constipation by Dr. Josh, the pediatric doctors represent various approaches of bloggin to communicate with their patients, and audience.


pediatric doctors

5 Star Blog from two Pediatricians from Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, very active in the community, making interactive podcasts with community members. ¬† Internet Medicine Stars! ¬†Listen to their Podcasts

Pediatric clinics

Award-winning, totally anonymous Ped blog, humorous

Pediatric bloggers

A quality, up to date blog with super Pediatric info


Great blog on Asthma, written by a Mass General Harvard researcher, mom of asthmatic

Academy of Pediatrics

From the #1 Ranked Pediatric Hospital in the USA last year, by US News and World Report

Pediatric blogs

By Dr. Gwenn, TV personality, author, digital tiger; wrote Cybersafe, about Kids and Computers, how to safeguard

Pediatrician blogs

Excellent Blog from Sacramento Pediatrician; info/personal

Pediatric bloggers

Pedi blogs

Pediatrician Musing

Another Phllly Pediatrician discusses the”art and science” of pediatrics

Pediatric Blogging

Group of 11 Pediatricians tag blog, from NYC, Brookllyn, Tennessee, Upstate New York, Marin County, Nebraska, Chicago, Long Island, Athens, Georgia, Cinncinatti, and Morristown, New Jersey

Academy of Pediatrics

Ped Doc with special interest in autism, personal/info blog

Autism Blogs


By a Pediatric Infectious Disease Doc from Connecticut


Singing Dr. Josh
Singing Dr. Josh

How could you not like someone who did a music video about constipation or scabies? From a Board Certified Pediatrician and accomplished musician

Music Video by Dr. Josh, entitled, “Constipation Consultation”


From a crew Down Under, part of FOAM (Free Open Access of Medicine)

100 Pediatric Blogs Every Mom Should Read


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