The “Gita” of Ophthamology Education Websites; has powerpoint presentation, teaching, stories, pneumonics, and lots more, from these wise Ophthamologists from India

National Eye Institute

comprehensive; research, videos, photos, etc.

American Academy of Ophthalmology

Eye Care
Root Atlas: Excellent Eye Videos
Eye Blogs

Eye Doctors In
Eye Doctors On
Eye Doctors

Eye Care






Ophthamology Directory of Websites


Ophthamology Mneumonics 
Online Resources of Ophthamology
Free, Simple Online Ophthamology Book
Eye Atlas Online: Excellent!
New York Eye and Ear Atlas


Eye Institute

For anyone;  medical students, residents, ophthamologists reviewing the eye; good way to review for the boards; simple answer, multiple choice answers; fun to play, and useful to review


Eye Doctor On

Society for Clinical Ophthamology

Can register as doctor, or as patient; good information site

What an Ophthamologist Should look for in an EMR
LIST of Ophthalmology Websites
Telemedicine Screening for Glaucoma
Glaucoma Research Foundation
Ophthamology for Residents: Facebook
Ophthamology for Medical Students

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