Dear john bennett,We have detected outdated WordPress version(s) on your account, the code of which has a security vulnerability. We highly recommend you to either update the WordPress instance(s) listed below or to delete any outdated installs you no longer need (tests, staging copies, inactive apps, etc.):/home/inter666/public_html.old

All WordPress versions below 3.9.2 have a security weakness in the PHP XML parser. This is a major security risk that makes WordPress vulnerable to attacks that can cause CPU and memory exhaustion and lead to the site becoming unavailable or unresponsive. On the day the vulnerability got announced SiteGround applied server level protection for our customers’ websites (read more in our blog). However, as an additional layer of security we still recommend you to update to the latest WordPress version.

If you have questions or need assistance with the update, please post a ticket in your HelpDesk.


Best Regards,

The SiteGround Team








































































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