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Here follows a few websites concerning the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  The Ob/Gyn sites are all concerned with supplying resources of information for both patients and the healthcare profession about the diagnosis, treatment, and research concerning healthcare in this field.
The digitalization of medicine has affected Obstetrics and Gynecology in the usual ways that it affects other specializations in improving communication concerning both inter-healthcare worker, and the transmission of data to the healthcare provider.  The ground-breaking app of the Texas physician Cameron Powell MD, and the developer Trey Moore called “Air Strip” was the first big healthcare application that was marketed by Apple, and now Apple has an inventory of more than 10,000 healthcare applications, that is increasing everyday, but almost none have found the wide applicability of the Air Strip.  Like his father, a  Texas oilman, Dr. Powell struck, in a sense, med app oil.

ob/gyn resources

THE online magazine for this specialty, open and free; 12 issues per year, lots of ob/gyn education, research

Great information site; anyone can register; has literature search

Obstetric Websites

International Organization of Ob/Gyn

Gynecology Forum
gynecology websites
25 Best Pregnanacy Websites

Obstetric Blogs

Designed for the Med Student in Ob/Gyn

gynecology apps

Every Mother Counts is a fantastic organization organized to see that mothers in Africa have the benefits of Internet Medicine.  The ubiquity of smartphones, which are more common than toothbrushes in the world, allows healthcare to reach those who could not be reached before, and this organization helps in this quest.

This organization was started by former model, Christy Turlington, based mostly on her experiences making the movie, “No Woman, No Cry“.

 During the making of this film in Guatamala, Bangladesh, and Tanzania, Christy saw that pregnant women were dying from complications that would not have occurred, had they access to obstetrical care that women from developed countries enjoyed.  Therefore, she started in 2010, “Every Mother Counts” to try to harness new world technology to benefit pregnant women.  Included in this organization’s drive is the sale of the  CD, “Every Mother Counts”, in conjunction with Starbucks.

Every Mother counts

International Academy of Pelvic Surgery

-AWESOME OB/GYN website and video Library; one of the most exhaustive of any specialty; must register, but easy as 1,2, 3


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