Maternal-Fetal Physiology      Antepartum Care/Fetal Surveillance     Obstetrical Complicatons      Medical/Surgical Complications     Normal/Abnormal Labor and Deliver      


Preventive Care      Infertility and Endocrinology      Menstrual Dysfunction      Pelvic Prolapses and Urology      Hysterectomy      Human Sexuality and Contraception      Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence 



International Academy of Pelvic Surgery

-AWESOME video Library; one of the most exhaustive of any specialty; must register, but easy as 1,2, 3


UCSF Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds Video Podcasts

-state of the art educational, but need to learn how to use equipment!  It is a riot watching the people being videoed trying to set

up the equipment, and it is filmed?  Is the editor asleep?


MUSC: Pregnancy and Childbirth Videos


Obstetrics Videos


Private Ob/Gyn Office Videos


OBG Management Videos from Chapel Hill


The Doctors Channel Short Vids: Ob/Gyn


Another Private Ob/Gyn Video Channel


University of Iowa Ob/Gyn Video Tutorials


Arabic Ob/Gyn Surgical Videos


UW Ob/Gyn Videos


Medical News Today Ob/Gyn Videos


Medical Videos Live Ob/Gyn


 Broward County Private Practice Ob/Gyn Videos


Academic Ob/Gyn Videos


New York/Presbyterian Ob Gyn Videos


MeduWeb Ob/Gyn Videos


See a hilarious video about the C-section controversy. Warning: Sense of Humor required!


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