Dr. Gina Nelson

Montana California Transplant, Gina says, “This blog is your web destination for Evidence based information on Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Healthy LIfestyle”

OB/GYN Blogs


Chicago Based Ob/Gyn Doc who loves to teach, via podcasts, et al.

Witty, Entertaining; The Blogcast for the Academic OB/GYN Physician, Nicolas Fogelson MD,  from Emory University; active Facebook, with 2000 likes.  Has an active Podcast, and an Ob/Gyn bookstore on the site.

Balanced Women’s Health

-excellent  attractive, informative, educational blog, that is a perfect example why the  internet can aid the healthcare industry, and, in this case, the Ob/Gyn specialty


Gynecology Blog

A nice, compassionate, human doctor blog, written by a Manhattan Ob/Gyn doc, offer her personal  insights into the world of Ob/Gyn and food

Group of Atlanta Ob/Gyn doctors with very attractive, web-friendly, patient friendly features

MacArthur ObGyn.com

A patient portal, an education site, this site is very versatile and useful, and shows this group of 6 Dallas ob/gyn docs care for their patients.  This group is connected with Healthtap as

ObGyn Experts.  This website is state of the art, for using the power of the internet to both benefit and connect with patients.  Very active in Facebook, with 1800 followers.

Kamm McKenzie OBGYN 

Group of 9 Ob/Gyn specialists in Raleigh, North Carolina also has a state of the art website, designed to help patients, in protocols and education, as well as providing an active blog.

Associated Obstetrics and Gynecology

Group of 5 Ob/Gyn docs, who are early proponents of the “Da Vinci System” of  minmally invasive operation for certain procedures.  This group is considered the leader in using this break through surgical procedure.

See one of the members explain the benefits of this innovative robot-assisted surgery in this Da Vinci System video

Ob Cookie

R esident Ob/Gyn writes about her residency and food, in Texas

Labor Intensive

Great blog, from the frontlines of OB, with a Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow (MFM)


Well Actually, this is mothers in Medicine, which may be somewhat relevant, having a huge MD Forum community

Get Off Your Feet

Blog of 2nd Year OB Resident

The Gynecologist 

A teaching blog, with an orientation on why she is a big believer in “Da Vinci Surgery” for her practice: Awarded as a “Top Health Blogger”

Pacific Gynecology Surgery Blog

Well qualiified docs, believers in the Da Vinci Minimally Invasive Gyn Surgery from Bay area; colorful site, with lots of teaching, education, videos

Frontiers Blogs: Obstetrics

Interesting concept;  “…Frontiers Blogs is a platform which allows you to find, evaluate, promote, recommend and share information, products and services instantaneously with your colleagues, groups, networks or entire community. Frontiers Blogs is an easy to use and simple method of communication which further establishes your presence in your field or speciality area.” (SOURCE)

Patient Infertility Blog

Experiences of an infertility patient in her quest for answers



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