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    Actually, this is also on the Ob/Gyn Apps page,  and the basis of the system is an App, Airstrip OB.  But we are including it also on the device page, because it is a system, and may be, technically, a device.  Whatever, “the hospital must purchase the AirStrip system, which works in tandem with the hospital’s existing patient monitoring system, and doctors can then install the free AirStrip OB application on their iPhone

    Truly, a pioneer in use of internet technology to improve healthcare.  It allows obstetricians to monitor fetal heart rhythms, where ever they are.   It does, says Dr. Cameron Powell, President and CMO of AirStrip Technologies. “utilize the iPhone’s full potential in a healthcare setting.

    Dr. Powell continues, “Now that it’s available for the iPhone too, the AirStrip OB app should provide doctors with multi-touch capabilities to quickly scroll and zoom through critical data, while the intuitive interface maximizes real estate on the iPhone’s touchscreen, providing rapid visualization of more medical data per screen compared to any other mobile device.”

    “The demands of a physician’s day necessitate their periodic absence from labor and delivery and other acute care environments,” Dr. Powell added. “As a result, doctors need easy-to-use, standards-based, intuitive mobile applications that can be quickly downloaded with the necessary security and configuration files in place, and with hospital perinatal systems up and running live. AirStrip OB on the iPhone meets these demands.”

    Dr. Cameron Powell is a InternetMedicine.com i-STAR

    Microdose Mammography

    Sectra MicroDose  system to uses what is called  “X-ray photon counting technology”   to give a good image, at a much lower radiation dose.

     Here’s a video which explains this new technology

    Sectra is a Swedish company, which does a lot of orthopedic imaging.



    Da Vinci Surgery

    This new, relatively non-invasive robotic surgery is becoming popular in the Ob/Gyn field.  This innovative, unusual technique of surgery has also found a place in Cardiac, Vascular, thoracic, Urological, General Surgery, and Colorectal Surgery.  The video below explains this new surgical technique:


    Pelvic ultrasounds, of course, are an almost necessary part of a work-up of a gynecological problem. Miniturization, and technology advances in this area of medicine are being realized by the Sonsite Portable Ultrasound, which is an improvement in all areas of the ability to do a bedside and point-of-care ultrasound. This is especially useful in the Emergency Room in any female that presents with abdominal pain. No longer does the patient have to be sent off to the radiology suites, stretching health manpower, and the doctor can frequently save time and patient pain at arriving at a diagnosis.


    Medical Device, wireless, portable sensor, worn around pregnant female belly of a pregnant woman captures the heart rate of both the fetus and the expectant mother, and also keeps tabs on uterus contractions.



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