(SOURCE) “NEUROSURGIC was launched in 2008 by two Swedish neurosurgeons, Dr. Steen Fridriksson and Dr. Thomas Skoglund. The main concept of the project is to promote networking between neurosurgeons and others with an interest in neurosurgery, to help members stay updated on various neurosurgical issues, and to provide a spectrum of useful resources for the busy neurosurgical clinician as well as the neurosurgical trainee.”

This website is a perfect example of using the internet to collaborate, and leverage it as a tool of education and communication.    And they  have been doing it for years, before blogging and networking were well-established.  Thank you Steen and Thomas!

This blog is dedicated to “NeuroMind”, an Neurosurgical App, that is a must application for those who want help in the field of Neurosurgery,, or, as they say in medicine, the “application of choice” for Neurosurgeons,  done by Pieter Kubben MD.

To learn more about Pieter, see this INTERVIEW with www.imedicalapps.com

Dr. Kubben is a senior Neurosurgical Resident in the Netherlands, and a frequent speaker for Medical Infomatics, as well as the author of the most popular app in Neurosurgery.

Below is his talk about Medical Infomatics at a TED conference:

See the text of an INTERVIEW with Dr. Kubben

Blog by Neurosurgery Resident, Colin Son MD,  who went to USC Film School, who likes to write and wants to “… inform the public on neurosurgical issues as well as to shed some light into the training process for physicians…”


Blog by Indian Muslim Neurosurgeon  just lets his thoughts fly


A fantastic blog for videos, but a bit dated, last videos posted in 2009.

A group blog, including a neurosurgeon, all of whom are Moms, include , Artemis: neurologist, Cutter: surgical resident,  Dr. Whoo: ob/gyn,  Fizzy:pm&r, gcs15:neurosurgeon, Genmedmom:internistGizabeth:pathologist, JC:cardiologist, Juliaink: psychiatrist, KC: internist, Kyla: premedical student, Mommabee: pediatric resident, MomT: internist, MomTFH: intern, RH+: ob/gyn, T: pediatrician, Tempeh: medical oncologist,  The Red Humor: hematology/oncology fellow


UCLA Neurosurgical Patient Story Blog

Patients’ Feelings and Stories About Their Neurosurgery Treatments


Neurosurgery Basics Blog for Docs, Students, Nurses, PAs, NPs, written by a Neurosurgical PA from Atlanta

Blog from a rare Neurosurgery Female Resident from Texas, doing residency at Virginia Commonweath University, in Richmond, Virginia

Neurosurgery Blog from Brazil, Julio Perieira MD, of  Santa Casa Hospital of Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil; also made an app to view his blog


–Optimistic blog from this Indian Neurosurgeon, shares medical knowledge, surgical techniques, and Neurosurgery education; his Twitter account @hopealbeitt

 is great, lots of photos from places he has travelled, like Africa, and many of India too




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