Our mission could be best said, by something that was found on an IBM computational research site, at http://researcher.watson.ibm.com/researcher/view_project.php?id=588:

“Currently, there are massive amounts of healthcare information in cyberspace, ranging from government and business maintained resources to Web 2.0 user-generated content, e.g. wikis, blogs, online healthcare discussion groups, etc. However, all this information is not being effectively leveraged because 1) the sources are diverse in syntax, semantics and structural representation; and 2) they are fragmented across an enormously distributed network.”

To help health care workers and patients understand about the effects of the internet on the practice of Medicine and Healthcare in the world, and to update new developments that are constantly

occurring in this field of Internet Medicine.


We want to provide a one stop Home for this relatively new, and increasingly important study. and to provide a place for world-wide collaboration through use of this.  Rather than jumping all over the internet (“ricochet browing”) we want to provide a one-stop-site for those interested in Internet Medicine.

Common Language

In Internet Medicine, the language is sometimes confusing; “i-Health”, “eHealth”, “wireless medicine”, “digital medicine”, “mHealth”.  This site hopes to bring clarity to the terms used, and overall consistency, to enhance understanding amongst groups, and individuals.

Open Source

This website, by being written in program called “WordPress” allow anyone to give feedback on any page, to allow an “open source” as a way for our readers to share their intelligence, and experience on all topics, all for the common good.  Same principle as Linux and Wikipedia, and the Apple App Store.

Breaking Research Developments

We will provide the latest developments of research, and the advent of  gadgets, devices, and technologies to use as tools to improve patient encounters.

Medical Apps

The advent of medical apps, to be used to leverage the power of the iPhone, iPad, and  internet can be used is so many ways in the clinical settings, to improve efficiency, time load, and accuracy of thinking and testing.

Internet Technology

Why a digital revolution in the Healthcare Industry?  Why now?  And technologies that continue, and will continue to evolve, and cause even more innovations in the Healthcare field in the coming years.

Health Industry

Changes are not only occurring in the field of Medicine, but also in the industry of Healthcare Administration.  Better ways are found though the tools wrought by the internet, to deal with the out-of-control costs of

Healthcare, and ways are explored on ways to improve care, yet lower the costs.


Every specialty is affected by the digital revolution, the most evident early on are Cardiology,  Radiology, and Internal Medicine. but all major specialties are examed, to ascertain how each is, and will be affected.


Internet Medicine is here to stay, and its influence will continue to grow daily.  We will do our best to, first of all, present these changes as they occur; second, to put perspective on the effect of these changes.


Never in Medicine in the Western World has there been such a deep, profound, widespead force to improve healthcare. Some of the top businessmen, engineers, and physicans are on the same team with the same goal in mind-better healthcare. An example of co-operation of this “Dream Team” of engineers, doctors, and businessmen is CIMIT, a group out of Boston, which is a prime example of this collaboration occurring in Internet Medicine today.

Watch this video, to see the operation of CIMIT
This Mission is Possible