What is a webinar? Webinars are lectures on video.  Sometimes they may be live, or they may “on demand”, or  be ‘archived’ to be seen anytime.  Usually, webinars are put on by organized groups, or companies for certain topics or products, and are a one-way presentation, with no audience interaction.


AMA Webinars
John Hopkins Heart and Vasulcar Institute
Cleveland Clinic Webcasts (CME, and by Specialty)
href=”http://www.academymedical.com/ce.asp”>Medical Webinars (CME)
Stanford University Med School Webinars
Modern Healthcare Webinars, Webcasts



Fierce Healthcare Webinars
Humana Healthcare Webinars
Pesci Healthcare Webinars
Lean Healthcare Webinars
Medicare Webinars by AARP
Healthstream Webinars

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See the following webinar, led by the innovator from UC Irvine, Warren Wiechmann MD, of the topic, “The iPad in Medical Education”


Eric Topol MD of the West Wireless Institute: Intro to Internet Medicine







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