The field of education, as well as medicine, is another industry that is being transformed by the Internet technology, and videos are a big part of that change.Online videos, or “micro-lectures”,  are playing an increasingly important role in the education of both medical students and physicians.  Additionally, with the advent of the iPad and iPhone, watching an medically educational video, is both easy, and convenient for the health care provider, on the run.

Watching short videos is becoming ingrained into much of the Medical Schoolcurriculum.   In essence, it is a form of   “,,, flip teaching, which encompasses any use of Internet technology to leverage the learning in a classroom, so a teacher can spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing”.   It is  also convenient and , easy, because all med students today have an iPhone of iPad, and can review the short videos at any time. For example, see this excellent VIDEO that explains the structure and function of the digestive tract, which can easily be repeated, or stopped, to optimize learning, from award-winning video learning Clear Point Technology.

Okay, now a “Flip Learning” video on teaching you, the “Flip Learning” method!

The short video method of learning has recently been popularized by the Khan Academy.  In essence, this method is shown to be very effective in education, and has become tremendously popular, for students everywhere, besides Medicine.

Where to Find Medical Videos

Medial videos are seen all over the web.  They may be either downloaded, or searched for on  YouTube has in incredibly huge inventory of medical videos, and stores videos of many to the new internet technologies that are being introduced into the medical field.  Finding the relevant video simply takes a YouTube search, or Googling the topic.

Internet Medicine in Healthcare

Life in the Fast Lane Medical Ed Videos

BEST SITE!  Neurologic Exam: an Anatomic Approach

This video website, is exactly the reason why video education is becoming more important in Medicine.  Med Students do yourself a favor, and learn this site well, and you will save HEADACHEs later on in your career!!!

Great Apps for Medical Education; 3d, interactive, video and audio

University of Wisconsin Medical Videos

-in all parts of Medicine, awesome series


-in all areas; literally HUNDREDS OF THEM!!!

State of the Art Family Medicine Videos with Split Screen!!

-from Tulane University

New Program out of Australia, utilizing videos to speed up learning


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