Applications a Part of Life Now for Med Students

    Today, applications are no stranger to med students.  Some med students of today receive an Ipad, full of the appropriate medical applications the first day of school!  Not only do many of the applications serve as references or research, but some applications are designed to actually do the education of the student.  It has been shown that, as per the Kahn Academy, that students respond well to watching short videos on their own time.  Classes are reserved, not for lecturing to passive students, but to solving questions, and problems.

    10 Apps Every Medical Student Should Have

    1. Medscape

    Easily the best FREE fully comprehensive medical app.



    2. Epocrates

    Epocrates Essentials comes with disease monographs, diagnostic tests and relevant hi-res images

    Has a good basic overview of each disease


    3. MedCalc 

    Simple to use, comes with explanations of all formulas, converts all units If you have a smart phone, the staff docs almost expect the medical student will do all the calculating, unit conversions, and formulas with our fancy toys.


    4. Micromedex

    Micromedex is a light, easy to use drug reference that is FREE! Even pharmacists use this app. However if you want a full powered drug app, Lexi-comp is still the king



    5. Eponyms

     Download this free app and look up all those obscure eponyms you don’t know.



    6. Wikipanion 

    Wikipedia is still an awesome way to look up answers fast. Wikipanion is an app that helps you browse Wikipedia faster and better on your iPhone.



    7. Diagnosaurus

    Don’t let the name fool you, Diagnosaurus is a fast way to come up with a differential. Input a symptom or a disease and quickly get a good differential.


    8. iRadiology

    This is a big collection of classic radiology presentations with useful labels, captions and discussion.


    9. Skyscape Medical Resources

    Skyscape is not just an app, it’s a platform for multiple medical resources.




    10. Pepid 

    An undiscovered jewel of an application.  Comprehensive for drugs, diseases, similar to Medscape.



    “House of God”

     Best Book ever written about Internship, and funny too

    Listen to the author Samuel Shem, aka Stephen Bergman MD, author of “House of God” at the 2009 Harvard Commencement Address:
    This is the what it is REALLY like to be an intern in an American hospital
    5 Must-Have Apps for Medical Students (according to Smart Phone Healthcare)



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