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International Medical Device Companies Bring Jobs to USA , like Clinical Engineers

Currrently, Medical Device companies are thriving in the USA.  Most are, of course, very involved and concerned with FDA-approval, which is needed to be marketed.  In addition, the issue regarding a Medical Device tax is another issue that concerns all type of Medical Device companies.

Medical device creation and production have increased tremendously in the age of digitalization.  The medical device may be self-standing, or it may be an addition that increases the power of another device.  Herein, follows a list of Medical devices, and examples of their clinical applications

Some devices are imaging (VScan), and some are diagnostic (iStat), and some, like the iPhone, are multi-talented, with many uses.  All healthcare uses, of course, to be used in the Healthcare field, must be approved

for use and safety by the FDA.

“Gadgets” is a term commonly also called “Devices”. In the context of this website, each “gadget” means a piece of hardware, that is made today, for the goal of bettering healthcare. It means the applicability is applied for medical reasons.

Currently, devices, to be used in healthcare in the USA, has to go through approval from the FDA (see the process HERE).  However, there is a fastrack way medical devices can be used, called a “510k”, in which a proposed device does not have to go through the long, normal, rigorous FDA approval process. But the process is currently being challanged by congressman. Will update when more news received.

First, of course, it comes with an idea, then concrete formulations of that idea. Today, in an unusual time in medicine, where you have the brightest engineers, and businessmen working in Internet Medicine, and in this case, the creation of a medically useful device, that helps healthcare.

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