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 Med App, short for “Medical Application“, is simply a computer program that is installed in a computer, that helps do an assigned task.    In healthcare, apps medical are becoming an accepted part of a physician’s Android device, or Apple iPhone, or Apple iPad.  Frequently, the best medical apps will increase the power and function of the computer device and aid in a doctor making a clinical decison.    The number of medical applications are growing quickly,  and it is sometimes difficult to find out which which of the iPhone medical applications are the Top.  Some physicans simply rely on word-of-mouth, or on recomendations of other physicians, since it has been shown that baby boomers, at least, trust physicians recommendations on medical apps

Happtique Organized the Diverse Medical Applications

First of all, finding the application through the Apple App Store, iTunes, is difficult, because the health care apps are not organized well..  Happtique, a new company that specializes in Medical Applications, stepped in to do this, as well as trying to organize a system where medical apps are certified, as well as proposing that doctors prescribe medical applications for patients, such as WellDoc, the diabetes managment application.

The usual cost of a medical app is low.  There are applications for taking EKGs, measuring Blood Glucose, interpreting Blood Gases, as well as programs that have loads of content, such as Harrison’s Internal Medicine.  And, Moore’s Law tells us that the power of these applications will increase, and the size of the programs will decrease, exponentially over time.  There is virtually limitless date at one’s fingertips, and soon to-be-limitless power in leveraging  the medical applications of these programs.  And, as the power of these programs increase, the dynamics of every medical setting will be affected, and there will be further decentralization of the healthcare system, as well as a concomittant lowering of healthcare costs.

In the future, it is almost a sure bet that medical application will go through a certification system, and will tend to be very specific, and cover all niches of medicine for use in education, diagnostics, therapy, and monitoring of differing diseases.

This section of Medical Apps examines the best ones, the free ones, apps from the Lab, Nurses, Pharmacy Apps, Disease Apps, and new Apps.  This section is not meant to be comprehensive, and if the reader seeks that type of site, it is recommended one goes to Happtique, iMedical Apps, iTunes, or Skyscape, and others.

And, from the same company that brought you, comes a peer-review onlinke website,, Medical App Journal, which evaluates some medical apps.

Core Medical Applications
Medical Apps are the New “Housecalls”
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