May 2, Joel Behnke, of Bioness, Inc., of Valencia, California, talks about his electrical stimulation products for Pain Controk, Foot Drop, and Hand Rehabilitation


March 3, 2915

Matt Patterson, President of Airstrip Tech talks about their Products

Feb 15, 2016

Homayoon Kazerooni PhD, talks about the main product of his company, US Bionics: The Phoenix Exoskeleton

February 11, 2016
Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, Director, Grass Center for Bioengineering, at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, discusses his work with Bioprinting of Liver Tissue and Diabetic Socks to prevent ulceration

February 8, 2016

Professor Cheng’s Lab at UC Davis, presents “Chemically Activated HEV_VLP Cancer Drug Delivery”

January 18  2016

Johnny Methany discusses his Innovative Robotic Prosthetic Arm


December 11, 2015: Mark terLaan MD, Neurosurgeon from the Netherlands, talks about 3D printing in Surgical Models at his hospital, Radboud Medical Center in the Netherlands.

December 3, 2015, 10 a.m. EST. Thomas Ward, entrepreneur from Sweden, presents his “Robo-Hand”

Ciprian Ionita Phd, or University of Buffalo, discusses his applications of 3d Printing in Medicine, today, December 2, 2015

Dr. Roger Smith, head ot he Nicholson Center in Celebration, Florida will talk about this state-of-the-art Surgical Center, that is trying to standarize the quality of training, especially in Surgical Robotics; LIVE at 2 pm EST on Tuesday, November 24th.  You can ask questions, and give comments at the end of the presentation.

John Rogers PhD, of Urbana, Illinois, talks about Flexor Skin Sensors November 12, 2015

Shahriar Yagboubi PhD, noted researcher in Molecular Radiology, talks about CellSightTech.com at UCSF

Gidi Stein of Medaware, Platform to Avoid Medication Erros

Optikey a Platform to Aid Communication in Motor Neuron Diseases

Learning to Manipulate the Laparoscope by Animation and Gaming Technology

Steven LeBouef MD Biometric Tech Provider for Wearables

Brain Computer Interface Muscle Stimulation in Parapelgia Quadriplegia

Drip Assist to Aid Nurse with IV Solution Mixes

“White Blood Cell Mediated Therapy for Neurons in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease”

Tim Amukele MD Pathologist talks about Medical Delivery Drones

Diagnosis of Ebola, Dengue Fever with Cheap Paper Strips

EKG Shirt with Health watch for Medgadget TV

Gene Fridman PhD of ENT Research WITH THE Mouth Tricorder

Peter Chai MD Toxicologist with Google Glass Use in the Field