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    -the Grandaddy of All Doctor Organizations: one of the biggest contributions to the world from the French, including French Fries, and French toast!   Doctors Without Borders provides medical care to people in more than 70 countries worldwide, saving lives threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe. As a humanitarian organization, we treat people in crisis regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation.

    Every Mother Counts is a fantastic organization organized to see that mothers in Africa have the benefits of Internet Medicine.  The ubiquity of smartphones, which are more common than toothbrushes in the world, allows healthcare to reach those who could not be reached before, and this organization helps in this quest.

    This organization was started by former model, Christy Turlington, based mostly on her experiences making the movie, “No Woman, No Cry“.


    One World Medicine

    A nonprofit drug development program with a mission to discover, develop, and deliver safe, effective, and affordable new treatments for diseases disproportionately affecting people in the developing world.

    Third World African Blogger

    “Ime Asangansi is a medical doctor, health information systems researcher, software developer and architect. His primary interests are in the design of scalable and sustainable health information systems in low-resource settings as well as free and open source software for health systems.”


    San Fran based IT company that goes into all types of disaster areas (Haiti) and third world areas to set up seat-of-the-pants IT solutions.  See an interesting post by Jonathan Gosier, a TED fellow, based in Uganda on 11 of his failed African business attempts; very interesting!



    Next Billion Organization

    NextBillion Health Care is a blog and a news resource dedicated to addressing the myriad challenges and solutions in delivering health care to the base of the pyramid. The site, part of the NextBillion network, focuses on the best practices of social enterprises, health practitioners, large health systems, NGOs and multinational players, such as drug companies, supply chain systems and technology developers.


    Floating Doctors is a 501(c)3 non-profit medical relief team dedicated to reducing the burden of disease in developing communities.  Please enjoy our website and media for information about us and what we do, and what YOU can do to get involved!  WEBSITE

    We build and curate tools for frontline health workers, patients, and families. Learn more about our toolkit.

    We work with local partners to design new ways to deliver healthcare in challenging settings. Let’s work together.


    Bryan Buchanan, aka the Jungle Medic, provides medical and dental care for Mayan Indians living in remote villages in the jungles, mountains and along the Rio Dulce river in Guatemala.

    Bryan hosts teams of doctors, dentists and other medical personnel. He also hosts non-medical teams from churches, youth groups and other short-term teams. If you are interested in bringing a team to help, we would love to have you.

    mHealth Tanzania

     -latest news in more places than Tanzania, most of Africa


    Chinese company Jala Group using 3D printed skin to test cosmetics for Asian market

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