iRhythm: A Zio Patch for Cardiac Arrhythmias


Wireless Monitor

 Received 1.5 Million Dollar Funding Nov 2012 for Additional Costs


The iRhythm and Zio Patch is a Medical Device, that looks like it will supplant the old guard Holter Monitor.  It is composed of a Zio Patch, and is disposible, to detect remotely, and wirelessly, cardiac arrthythmias.’

 Formerly, of course, the gold standard was the Holter Monitor.  But, because of  cost/design, efficiency of the digital revolution, the iRhythm will now assume the banner of the gold standard for long-term monitoring of cardiac rhythms., the company that produces the “Zio Patch”, as pictured above, is well designed, and good for up to 14 days, and has also the benefit of being disposable.  It has also proven to be more accurate, when compared to other long-term monitors.

Cardiac Arrhythmias May Cause: Light-headedness, fainting, palpitations, dizziness, fatigue

Doctors, especially cardiologists, need to know the cardiac rhythms of suspected arrthymias patients.  They cannot depend on a one-time spot check of an EKG.  The doctor may be suspicious of this problem if the patient complains of light-headedness, dizziness, syncope, palpitation, fatigue, and other symtoms, without any other apparent causes.  Therefore, putting this lightweight, wireless gadget on a patients’ chest, allows for the searching doctor to determine if the patient is having hearth rhythm problems during the 14 days, he does not see the patient.

The fantastic improvement on the ole’ Holter Monitor, the Irhthym device is a lightweight piece of machinery, who records cardiac rhythms continuously for up to 14 days.  It wirelessly transmits the waveforms back to the physicians program, or office computer in real time, as opposed to an actual paper strip that it put out.

This is a great improvement in the early detectic of rhythm problems of the heart, as well as the monitoring of potentially harmless beats of the heart from afar.

The Boston-based company also produces the “Zio Event Card”, which is very light, the weight of a credit card, is attatched to the chest, and is only used during an suspected “cardiac event”.   These “events” include transient symptoms such as syncope, palpitations, shortness of breath, or dizziness.  As seen on the picture, the patient wearing the device, presses on the button labeled “record” when experiencing any of the foregoing symptions.

The device automatically records the stored 45 seconds BEFORE the event of ECG, plus 15 seconds after the event.  The patient then transmits the recording by calling the iRhythm National Clinical Center who will instruct them on how to send the event over the phone line.

Versatile, comfortable, aesthetic, and disposable, and, most of all effective.



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