SpiroSmart iPhone App

Accurately Estimates Lung Air Volume

iPhones will soon take the place of the spirometer.  At the University of Washington Medical Center, an iPhone App has been developed to make an algorithm with the audio portion of an expiration, and there is a 5% difference in studies performed, compared against the ole spirometer.

Researchers built the program, based on the audo, as seen in the following video:

This sprirometer is based on the same principles of work that is being done on the early detection of Parkinsonism, based on the sound waves generated by a persons voice on the phone.

iPhone Breathalyzer

Another use of the iPhone is used with a peripheral used as a breathalyzer, to detect alcholo levels, from your expiration.

“Most people keep their phones on them at all times (including when you’re drinking), which is why the iPega Alcohol Breathalyzer is so convenient. This portable breathalyzer plugs right into the bottom of the iOS device and displays the 2 digit BAC (blood alcohol content) on the LCD screen. No need to use blowpipe, just blow into the air hole.”

Could help with avoiding drunk driving.

See slideshow to see how it looks on the iPhone.


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