Slit Lamp iPhone Eyepiece Digital Adapter: Portable Fundus Examiner

This technology’s potential was realized by a huge medical goods company, Welch Allyn, who bought rights to the  iExaminer, for worldwide distribution.   It received from the FDA, a  510 Clearance in January, 2013.

  It should be a case study of the potential of Internet Medicine devices, that,  once they find their medical niche, companies like Welch Allyn scoop up the rights, because they have a world-wide vision, and see that the Internet Medicine phenomena is global!  The same occured with the portable lab, i-Stat, which was bought by Abbot Labs, and Vscan, which was bought by GE.

Here is the new website, as of Feb 2013

Eyepiece adapter for the iPhone. You can plug in your iPhone 4 or 4s and take high definition pictures and video.  Equipped to adapt to most slit lamps on the market today.

Again, one can take pictures of the images seen through the slit lamp, and send them anywhere there is internet, which one of the principles show by this device.  Minicomputers getting stronger, and more work-outsourced to patients, in the future.



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