At the present time, the AliveCor is the game-breaking iPhone ECG device to wirelessly, remotely, and in a mobile fashion do a one lead EKG with an iPhone or an Android, a periperal Alive Cor device, and AliveCor app. It is just a matter of time, before one can do a complete EKG from one’s iPhone, and have an app warn if the EKG is suggestive of a cardiac event, such as an MI. Stay tuned!



The iPhoneECG is a single-lead electrocardiogram reader that attaches to the back of an iPhone and displays heart rate info via an app. (An Android version is in the works.) The creator, Dr. David Albert, is an Oklahma Cariologist, who likes to be called an “Inventor”.  Son of former Speaker of the House, Carl Albert, David believes the iPhone ECG could be uesed in intensive care units and used by EMTs. The AliveCor is awaiting approval by the FDA, which is expected sometime in the earlyu fall of 2012.   His team is recently compiled data in June 2012, after which his company received more funding  from the powerful Qualcomm, a big company in the wireless industry.

Basically, a peripheral device, projected to be around $100, is attatched to any Smartphone, and a real time, a high quality one lead EKG can be done. This EKG can be done anywhere a Smartphone goes, and allows for rapid, quick assessment of some cardiac problems in the field, including rhythm disturbances. To truly diagnose a full MI, however, the AliveCor is not able, since it does not give a total picture of many leads. A full EKG is indicated as Dr. Albert maintains to truly diagnose an myocardial infarction.
Additionally, its’ low cost also allows for mass screening in developing countries.

And like any wireless device, one is allowed to transmit any questionable EKG to any other Smartphone, which allows for in-the-field consultations with cardiologists, which are relatively scare in developing countries.

The thrust of this well-funded company is global. The company has moved to San Francisco. Sign up for their newsletterat their website  to be notified when the FDA approves this useful device.

AliveCor’s ECG device basically enables medical professionals and regular consumers to monitor a person heart health. Its cardiac monitoring technology is designed to work with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Here’s a video of  Dr. Albert demonstrating this wonderful global technology




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