iPhone App and Attatchment Dermatoscopy

Dermscope and Handyscope



 The Handyscope from FotoFinder


From Germany,  thhe “Handyscope incorporates the iPhone attatchment along with software app, to capture skin lesions. which is a case that fits snugly over an iPhone, and takes up top 20x magnification. It also has accompanying polarized light to better show the skin lesion.

easily save the picture, send it to a collegue by email, or send it to the desktop.

Here is a video which explains how it works.




Another Portable iPhone Dermosocpe, which not only photographs lesions, but gives a provisional diagnosis.  From their website, read about its specs

Canfield’s new DermScope™ is the world’s first intelligent dermatoscope, designed to address all of the important modes of skin visualisation. DermScope™ helps you improve confidence in your diagnosis while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the exam.

highest magnification of all dermatoscopes (x12.5)
evaluate lesions in live-preview mode
share on screen lesion images with the patient
capture, tag, and store images of suspicious lesions
one-touch zoom magnification to (x30)
>dual lighting mode LEDs standard white and cross-polarised lighting
one touch adds brightness for contrast and fine detail
contact and non-contact dermoscopy imaging


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