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Anti-Infective Therapy      Sepsis      Pulmonary      Ear,Nose, Throat     CNS      Cardiovascular
  Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary      GU and Sexually Transmitted      Skin and Soft Tissue
   Bone and Joint     Parasitic      Zoonotic      Bioterrorism      Viral Other than HIV
Pediatric Infections      HIV Infection      Opportunistic Infections in AIDS

The following video illustrate the increasing trend of Internet Medicine to incorporate the tool of video to educate; many doctors and healthcare personel are on the move, and can squeeze in short video on a mobile device,  to learn something about clinical infectious disease, while at Starbucks.

Infectious Disease Lecture Video Series

The Doctors Channel Infectious Disease Videos (MANY!)

Infectious Diseases Videos: You Tube (MANY)

Infectious Disease Lecture Course

VideoMD: Infectious Diseases 

Bioactive Tech ID Videos

University of Wisconsin ID Video Lectures

Medical News Today ID Videos

Bioalive Infectious Disease Videos

Epidemiology and the Control of Infectious Disease Video 

(Yes, Really) Oprah’s Infectious Disease Videos

-guaranteed to leave you crying on the couch, or standing  on it!

Disease Detectives ID Videos

Cambridge University Virology Videos

Gidgeon Online Videos on Infectious Diseases

PeerView Infections Disease Education Videos

“What You Need to Know about Infectious Disease” Video

“The History of Infectious Disease” Video

“Major Types of Infectious Disease” Video

“Emerging Infectious Disease” Video

“How Infectious Diseases Work” video

“Common Infectioius Diseases in Children” Video

Bio-interactive Infectious Disease Videos

-includes videos of a Health Project in NIcaragua against dengue, and even a rap reggeton song abou the battle against the microbes of dengue

Helio’s Infectious Disease Video for CME!  Free!

Immunology Videos

Bacteriology Videos

Infectious Disease Videos

Parisitology Videos

Virology Videos

Mycology Videos

MUSC ID Videos


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