Infectious Diseae Podcasts




These audio files specifically hone in on various topics in the fields of ID and epidemiology, and examine the vast array of microbes that cause more problems in society, espceially in undelveopme countries, where there are problems of still water and adequate sanitation.

Infectious Disease Podcast

by doc from Portland. ¬†Author of the “Pus Whisperer”, so there is humor in these ID podcasts.

Infectious Disease Podcast from Austrialia

USF Podcasts for Infectious and Tropical Medicine


Lancet Infectious Disease Podcasts

A Different ID Podcast from Lancet

Medscape ID Podcasts

CDC Podcasts

Mayo Clinic Infectious Disease Podcasts

University of California Infectioius Disease Videos and Podcasts

Infectious Disease Daily Podcast

What do Infectious Disease Specialists Need in a EHR Podcast

Infectious Disease in Tranplantations Podcasts

PeerView Infectious Diseases Podcasts

Emerging Infectious Diseases Podcasts

CDC Malaria Podcasts

ID Podcasts YouTube Channel






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