What is Telemedicine?  Why, Telecare!



Telemedicine is, basically, the practice of medicine from a distance through use of a telescreen. It is becoming increasingly popular in mainstream medicine   Matter of fact, Medicare now re-imburses in selected cases of Telehealth.  The ATA (American Telemedicine Associaton) says it is making huge strides in selected medical settings, such as rural medicine, undeveloped countries,  and areas with lack of specialists, or doctors.

Telemedicine had a brief time period about ten years ago, near the year 2000, but infrastructure was “shaky”.  Broadband was not nearly as widespread as it is now.  It was a false start.

The following video is a good intro Telemedicine in the world today:

Because of Dr. Topols explanations of “Convergence”, the tools for widespread use of the practice of Telehealth are here, today, and it is much less expensive, and much more efficient to set up a Telemedicine station today.

Telemedicine seems poised to ingrain itself into mainstream medicine. It can be used by Private Doctors, for those patients that are homebound, and for whom it is difficult to make a trip to the office. Or for the patient who has simple needs, and no a t great need for a physical exam, such as diabetic, or hypertensive patients. The way things are going with gadgets, and medical hardware, patients can be monitored from afar for their blood pressure, heart rhythm, and blood glucose, and can be adjusted accordingly from the doctors office, without the need for a personal office visit.

The following video explains the state of the art Telemedicine at work today in Europe


To see a first class Telemedicine organization, see the Arizona Telemedicine Website

BElow, see the video of the Director of University of Arizona’s Program of Telemedicine, which seems to be state of the art, headed by Dr. Ronald Weinstein.  He is also a  pioneer in Telepathology, which he helped start, way back in the 80’s, and later helped develop “array microscopy”, which helps for pathologists to read slides by telepathology

Here’s another one from Rubbermaid:

Federal Telemedicine News 
News briefs and information from Federal agencies and Capitol Hill on government activities, legislation, and grants of interest to the telemedicine, telehealth, and health IT community. 


The following links are of use to anyone interested researching the Federal government or the telemedicine industy:

The Association of Telehealth Service Providers

 (ATSP) is an international membership-based organization dedicated to improving health care through growth of the telehealth industry.

ATSP Telemedicine Reports

 Publications for professionals and the public on telehealth. Telemedicine activity reports from surveys identify and analyze programs in the United States and include information on location, clinical services offered, and types of equipment used.


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