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(to truly understand Internet Medicine, must keep up with tech advances!!)


Technology advances have had, are having, and will have deep, profound changes in the industry of Healthcare, as it has in virtually all other major industries, i.e. banking, telecommunications, etc.
There will be a tremendous increase in Artificial Intelligence, and, according to the Singularity Thinking (, it would benefit us to harness this power, and educate everyone about it force and use. Moreover….
“advances in AI and machine learning algorithms (Russell and Norvig
2010), increasing R&D expenditures by the technology industry, hardware advances
that make computation-hungry algorithms feasible (ITRS 2007), enormous datasets
(Halevy, Norvig, and Pereira 2009), and insights from neuroscience give us advantages
that past researchers lacked….” (Ibid)

Rapid changes in all areas of Medicine, and Healthcare, or “Internet Medicine” spread deep and wide in the Healthcare system.  And physicians now would benefit from an understanding of both the concept, and areas of implementation of computer technology.  Matter of fact, it would not be surprising if, in the near future, “Internet Medicine” is offered as an elective in Med School.

But why now?

The change now can definitely be attributed to Technology.

Broadband connections are widespread.

Wireless technology enable communication via interent without wires in may areas of the world.

Information can be conveniently stored in the Cloud, a a virtual server away from the user, and potentially accessible to anyone who access permission.

And, most of all, the invention of the iPhone in 2007.

This invention opened all kinds of doors.  The word “iPhone” is misleading, for it is NOT the property of telephoning which is the earthshaker.

It is a very powerful minicomputer, with strong photographic capabilities.

If is talking about size, the iPhone has the power and capability of a computer that needed to be housed in an entire room about 15 years ago.

Cell phones are more common in the world now, than toothbrushes.  Applications have leveraged the power even more.

The Smartphone, now that we include the Android platform, has peripheral capabilities to act a microscope, imaging device.

It has the ability to retrieve info, radiographic images, and to communicate and send files to anyone on the planet.

In this section, each of the factors of technology will be examined, because it helps to understand the underlying causes of the changes wrought in healthcare.

And it is beneficial to be about to see what is in store, the improvements that will  be made as internet technology gets faster, more widespread, more efficient, better quality, and more versatile.

An apt analogy can be made thusly; there is lots of gold buried in the ground, and the tools to get to it will get increasingly better and better.

This is just the beginning.

To see a futuristic vision of Corning Glass’s idea of where the internet will take us, see the below video. If you just want to see the part dealing with Medicine, go to 3:06 to 4:16.

See this interesting GRAPHIC


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