Dr. Alfred Feingold, a retired anesthesiologist from Jackson Hospital in Miami, has turned photographer of surgery, some beautiful some frightening photos,  at an  award winning blog

From the journal

Trauma Surgeon in Maine working on a pilot program to bring the best in Trauma care to underserved areas in Maine; a general surgeon from Caracas, Venezuela, Rafael Grossman MD


Breast Surgeon from Bangladore, India; writer, photographer

Thoughts of a Cleveland General Surgeon

Blog from Norway, medical photographer, specializes in the OR

A critical view of things that are happening in Medicine

Video Blog of Rehab of Patient after Hip Resurfacing; Howard Joslin, owner of Indoboard.com, a famous company owned by Mr. Joslin, an ex-surfer, skakeboarder

In the words of the retired surgeon, “…I’ve given over to frothing at the mouth as the world descends into stupidity, and our politics and our citizens seem, in numbers enough to be meaningful, unable to see it. So for now I’m leaving surgery writing behind, if for no other reason than to defuse and diffuse my unrelenting sense of doom, and with no expectation of making a difference….writer of a book about his career in Surgery, Cutting Remarks

Rumblings from a Lahore, Pakistan surgeon

Educational Ped Blg


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