Formerly, used in war zones for rapid, in the field results, this device is extremely handy when quick labs are needed.

The “i-Stat System“, consisting of a hand-held device, and a simulator/printer is a ground-breaking device in the medical arena of Lab testing.  It is  a portable blood analysis device, that, like the Vscan, will find an ever-increasing role in the world of healthcare,  in virtually all sectors.  The device was developed by a private concern, but, once the obvious potential was seen, Abbot Labs, one of the largest lab companies in the world, bought the rights to this device, and is now marketing it as a “Point-of-Care” system, called the “i-Stat System“.

Its’ wide variety of blood tests include:  troponin, blood gases, hematology, electrolytes (includes glucose), coagulation studies, cardiac markers, amongst others.

And, since one version is wireless, lab tests performed can be automatically downloaded to anywhere in a connected office, or wherever the clinician choses to send it, i.e. the hospital, or the Personal Medical Record of the patient residing in the cloud, or the EMR of the doctor, as well as to other consultants of the patient. Clinical settings where the I-Stat may find an especially important role are: Urgent care centers, surgery centers,radiology/imaging center, family practices, cardiology practices, Emergency Rooms, ICUs, Operating Rooms, and, actually, all outpatient clinics.

Both Physicians and Patients want to get results NOW.  Most physician’s can relate to the frustating feeling of waiting for lab results, especially in arenas such as the ER, OR, or ICUs.  This handheld portable blood analysis tool may lessen that frustration, and foment overall more efficient, less-costly healthcare.

For all the specific  lab tests the i-Stat can do in the field, see this link following:






  1. Johnny Olukunle says:

    I would like to know how much is the cartridge and how many cartridge comes with order of one i-STAT blood analyser.

  2. admin says:

    hi johhny

    I suggest you write to Abbot Lab; we don’t sell those off our website.

  3. David Garner says:


    At your earliest convenience, please advise if you have these in-stock
    and pricing information:

    1) I-Stat System Abbott Labs a Blood Analyzers Lab Testing

    UAB Health System
    Birmingham, AL 35233
    (205) 406-7074

  4. admin says:

    Hi Dave

    As I will write in an email to you, we don’t have any account or they don’t advertise on this site, we just felt it was a quality product and want the viewers to see it, since it advances healthcare, in our opinion.

    I am sure if you write to the website you can find out your purchase information.

    good luck
    John Bennett MD
    Owner and Creator

  5. Karl Rauchel says:

    Dear sirs,
    for an European cuszomer we need the approx. price for i-STATE.

    we will than come with an order.

    best regards

    Karl Rauchel CEO

  6. Wooe Kwanty says:

    I would like to know how long these cartridges stay before they get expired and how many cartridges can come with one I-stat and their normal temperature range.

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