Clinical Research Blogs

  1. Ask Cato is the official blog of Cato Research, includes posts about the FDA, industry news, regulatory strategy, and more
  2. Clinical Trials Guru focuses on video clinical trials content.
  3. Rx Trials Communiqué is the blog of Rx Trials, an investigative site network.
  4. Trial Blazers blog is maintained by BioClinica, a company offering technology-enhanced clinical trial management services.
  5. Clinical Trial Portal, a web-based portal and communication center, publishes a blog focusing on clinical research technology issues.
  6. Cutting Edge Information, a boutique research company serving the life sciences industries, provides insights based on original benchmarking and best practices research.
  7. The Partnerships in Clinical Trials blog is an extension of the conference by the same name.
  8. Conducting Clinical Research is the blog of Dr. Judy Stone, an Infectious Diseases physician, clinical researcher, and author of the book Conducting Clinical Research.
  9. Chromosome is the blog of goBalto, a company that has developed a web-based clinical trial startup platform.
  10. CR Tutor is a clinical research learning blog offering various training resources for current and aspiring industry professionals.
  11. The Lead CRA Blog is unique in that it’s written from the perspective of an experienced CRA.
  12. GxP Perspectives is written by Carl Anderson, a regulatory affairs and quality assurance consultant in the field of FDA health product approvals. e.

Online Clinical Research Magazines

  1. Outsourcing Pharma publishes breaking news on contract research, manufacturing, and clinical trials.
  2. ClinPage focuses on current clinical trial news as well as industry innovation and emerging technology.
  3. Applied Clinical Trials, a global peer-reviewed journal, publishes Applied Clinical Trials Online as an online companion to the journal.
  4. Bio-IT World provides breaking news, analysis, and opinion on technologies that drive biomedical research and drug development.
  5. CenterWatch publishes a daily news feed, known as CenterWatch News Online, in addition to the other clinical trials industry resources available on its site.
  6. eCliniqua provides news and analysis on challenges related to clinical research, clinical trial design, data management, and technology solutions.

Online Clinical Research Journals

  1. The Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal that publishes original research, reports, editorials, reviews and commentaries on clinical trials topics.
  2. The Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices is a monthly open access electronic journal published by First Clinical Research.
  3. Perspectives in Clinical Research (PICR) is an open access publication of the Indian Society for Clinical Research.
  4. The Journal of Clinical Research and Bioethics is a peer-reviewed open access journal focusing on the ethical considerations associated with the conduct of clinical research.
Clinical Research.com
Search for the nearest clinical trial

Great research site run by  Norwegian medical librarian, Guus van den Brekel


Emerging Technologies in Medical Libraries

Stanford Medical Students Release App to help Doctors stay up to Date on Research
Journal Club for iPhone

 Manuel Lam, MD, introduced a new medical app that features physician-written summaries of landmark clinical trials.

Lam, a third-year resident with an undergraduate degree in computer science, and Iberri, a second-year resident and an experienced web developer, carved out time from their busy clinical schedules to develop the recently released Journal Club for iPhone (link to iTunes store).

Written by physicians, these article summaries are distilled into bite-size morsels that clinicians can digest quickly. Think of it as CliffsNotes for medical research.

Smart Prescriptions for Clinical Research Sites

Digital media solutions to maximize patient recruitment & more

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