The Smartphone Ultrasound

Accurate and inexpensive diagnostics at the point-of-care is critical to reducing healthcare costs while also improving outcomes. Ultrasound imaging is safe, effective and can save lives, however more than 70% of the world’s population does not have access to ultrasound because it is expensive and not portable enough.

Mobisante has built the world’s first smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system, the MobiUS™ SP1 ultrasound system. This award winning system, cleared by the Food & Drug Administration, brings ultrasound imaging within reach of health care professionals everywhere, helping healthcare professionals practice better medicine and reduce costs.

MobiUS fuses the power and wireless connectivity of a smartphone with the Internet into a game-changing diagnostic solution that is personal and accessible. Our patent pending intellectual property makes the system easy to use and to share information with remote providers.

See a video on how this fantastic device works

Brainlab Introduces Buzz Digital OR

(Oct 2012 )  Brainlab has released Buzz™ Digital OR, which is essentially, a big iPad for the Surgical OR suite wall, with all the functionality of an iPad, to show video, 3D, as well as documents sent from outside source.  The display is a 42 inch plasma screen, with drag and drop functioning.


AIM 3D Needle Placement Software from InnerOptic

(Oct 2012) InnerOptic’s FDA-approved AIM Software is a “GPS for Needle Guidance,” helping the radiologist or surgeon to more accurately place a needle for ablation, biopsy, etc.  It should be a big, overall advance to function quicker, and more efficiently.  This technology should be a great improvement on ultrasound guided procedures,  which is an area of many malpractice suits in the US.  This software of software aided ultrasound needle placement  should help, specifically,  catheterizations, nerve blocks, in vitro fertilizations, tumor ablations and biopsies.

Upgrade on the C Arm On the Way

(Oct 2012) A system called the Discovery IGS 730 interventional imaging system is on track for FDA approval.  It is, essentially, an upgrade to the tried and true C-arm, with laser guidance and automation for more accuracy and comfort.

See the following video which describes its use.



This company of physicians and software engineers utilizes the power of the internet to improve accessibility to radiographic studies for doctors, patients, and institutions.  In clinical practice today, there are sometimes problems to access to radiographic studies, and valuable time is wasted for the interested party to “track down” that study.

Having that study in the cloud, means that it is available 24/7 from anywhere the interested party has access to a computer, be it a desktop, iPad, or smartphone, with no specail software needed.  And it is secure, and compliant with HIPPA.

From their website,

“…itMD is a cloud-based medical image sharing company that enables the on-demand exchange of medical imaging information from anywhere to anyone. Users on the itMD Network can easily send, share and access medical imaging information online with just a web-browser; thus, no special software is necessary. We are enabling all interested parties the ability to improve the quality of healthcare and decrease costs. itMD is empowering patients, physicians and institutions with our collaborative, cloud-based application



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