Radiology bloggers truly utilize the power of a social media tool like blogging to educate learners, and to update radiologists on what is going on in the Radiology world today.  The first popular Radiology blogger, Sumer Sehti MD from India has had a wide reach of viewers, ever since the start, and many students and Radiologists have benefited over the years.  It is only fitting that this blog be first to be covered.

radiology blogs


Widely recognized and cited by various journals and magazines. One of the first movers in the world of Rad-blogging, Sumer  Sethi MD, from India has been at it since 2004. Sumer Sethi is the author of the medical student handbook, Review of Radiology. He also is the creator of the Radiology Grand Rounds concept.

radiology techs

Light-hearted look in comic form of life as a radiology resident; author of book “First Aid Finance for Every Medical Student and Resident”

radiology blogs

Well-known Radiology Blog, with lots of Radiology News, Education

what is radiology

Well-known Rad Blog, connecting Radiology for Networking, Collaboration, and Education

Radiology Blogs

Many radiologists blog at this site; must register, but is easy

Radiology What is

Timely radiograph topics

Radiology tech

Blog of a Teleradiology service, VRad; offers vRad Webinars on Demand (great website, by the way)

Radiology technician

Debatable effects of long-term radiation from afar

Radiology technician

Radiology in Thailand: worldwide teaching site. was started with an informal discussion between Rathachai Kaewlai MD, a Thai radiologist — at that time a clinical fellow in radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston — and a few Thai radiologists.

Radiology tech

Radiology Blogger

One Night in the ER Blog

-educational case studies


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