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Private Practice of the Future


The Internet Age will have huge effect of the private practice of the future. Today’s private practice will be almost completely obsolete, and unrecognizable. Today, private practice, due to financial constraints, is decreasing in numbers, but the streamlined private practice of the Internet change may change that trend.

Once the EHR is established, all records will be digital. Papers will disappear. Check-in to the office will be simply putting one’s finger in a digital reader, and your complete medical records, from the office harddrive, or the Cloud, will appear.

No need for a secretary. No need for writing.

A nurse will take the vital signs, and perhaps compare them with the online record that the patients has accumulated through a home sensor for the past month, especially handy if the patient is being treated for diabetes, or hypertension. If basic labs are needed, the handheld i-Stat is used, and the labs will be reading in ten minutes.

If imaging is desired, a Vscan, or varation thereof, will take a portable ultrasound, and a sonar x-ray of the chest or extremity.

A prescription is sent wirelessly to the pharmacy, and the patient is given preprinted discharge instructions, to be email to his patient record, or to the patient’s smartphone.

Unbelievable, you say? Well, if we apply Moore’s law, then every 18 months, the iPhone will get twice as powerful, and the applications and tools to discover new technologies will increase.

The private practice, in this projected scenario, will likely increase in popularity, take up much less space, be less expensive to run, once set up, and may be a partial answer to skyrocketing healthcare costs of today.


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Add Telehealth to the Private Practice

Here’s a few demos on how to incorporate Telemedicine into Private Practice



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