The pharmacy filed is well represented with a wide variety of blogs, some serious, some humerous.  Pharmacists are forbidden to do the same a doctors, i.e.  cannot mention any patients name, but , still, there is plenty of room for humor amongst the pharmacist bloggers.  Pay special attention to “The Angry Pharmacist”, and “The Pharmacy Chick”
Interesting Blog by Kevin Clausen: in his worlds, “…I am a university professor focused on consumer health informatics from a pharmacy perspective. I currently direct the Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research. My professional interests also include ehealth literacy, medication adherence, participatory medicine, and mHealth. I am always searching for ways to improve in the holy trinity of teaching, research, and service and am currently enamored with cognitive load theory and elements of visual design.”

Pharma Gossip

Don’t be fooled by the title, deep, thoughtful blog

Jerry Fahrni

In his own words, “….now I masquerade as a product manager for a company that specializes in pharmacy automation and technology.

I have an interest in many things, but find that various types of technology grab my attention more than anything else. I’m especially interested in tablet computers, other mobile technologies and pharmacy automation. I’m always looking for ways to make use of technology to improve pharmacy and create a more patient centered practice model.”

The Red-Haired Pharmacist

Rants and Musings of an Anonymous Retail Pharmacist

Pharma Marketing Blog

a “must read” for Insiders”…..W-all Street Journal; Ho Hum

The Angry Pharmacist

Don’t say you were not warned! Expect no political correctness.

The Re-Invented Pharmacist

by the Editor in Chief of Pharmacy Times

Piller of the Community

Psst!  Dis guy likes to Party!

Your Pharmacist May Hate You

Nuf Said

Pharmacy Chick

A babe’s point of view

The Angriest Pharmacist

Who is the Angrier?

Soul Sucking Pharmacy 

The real, straight stuff

Top 50 Pharmacist Blogs

From Nursing Degree Guide

New Pharma

An actual “” account of the latest in Pharma News


     -blog of private pharma social media consultant



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