Pediatric Otoscope
The Otoscope using the iPhone is also called the Remotoscope, and sometimes Cellscope.  The versatile ole iPhone is used to, not only view the inner ear with magnification, but also take pictures, to send to doctors, or specialists, from home or remote areas.  It is approved by the FDA.  This is yet another use of the iPhone as a periperal device useful in Internet Medicine.

Here’s a video which illustrates its utility:

This technology started with the Cellscope, which aids in looking at tympanic membranes in tykes, but now is being used to scan skin lesions all done with an iPhone, and an iPhone peripheral.

Another technology that will probably have an impact on Pediatrics from Internet Medicine, from research currently being conducted at MIT Media Lab, is investigations into Eulerian Motion.  This technology allows for the detection of pulse rate from a video only, and once developed will also aid in the remote monitoring of a sick neonate and infant.  See the following video which explain this fascinating useful technology:

The Smartphone Ultrasound

Pediatric Ear Infections

For Pediatric Emergency Rooms and Busy Pediatric Clinics

This groundbaking mobile, wireless, portable ultrasound is sure to find widepread use in pediatric emergency rooms, and busy clinics.  It serves as a quick inexpensive screening device, which may avoid some unnecessary trips to the radiology suite.    Of course, there will be times when a higher grade ultrasound will be needed, but this Smartphone Ultrasound is a great start for diagnosing all types of medical problems, as a screening device., such as vascular problems, gallstones, kidney stones, abdominal masses, and other problems.  This invention will be brought to areas that could not afford it to buy regular ultrasound or for  people who live in inaccessible areas.

iPhone as Petri Dish 

The device utilizing the abilities of the iPhone to aid in doing cultures, will, most likely, find its way into many pediatricians private practices.   Cultures will be able to be done “in-house, because the process will be simplified, and require less work.   The iPhone is used, along with a Lego Frame, to read the Petri Dish in real time, after it is put into the incubator.

Petri Dish

See the video on how, it is then placed in an incubator, and growth is allowed to be viewed in Real Time via remote computer!  This cuts down on labor, and handling the petri dish multiple times, and this system, more or less, automates it.

Now, this device just shows how a powerful mini-computer can make things more efficient, and save man-hours in the lab.  Most likely, a iPhone-like mini-computer will be specially made just for this purpose, and make not even look anything like the iPhone
Remember, computers double in power every 18 months!


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