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Why does Dr. Andrew Pearle of the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York say that Orthopedics is entering a “Golden Age”?  Most likely, it is because of the new, ground-breaking technologies that he is using, called “Computer Assisted Surgery”.  This science has been popular in Europe for a time, and seems to becoming mainstream in operative orthopedic practice.  This technology allows for precise imaging of joints prior to implanation of hardware, as well as guiding the placement of such hardware intraoperatively.  The application of this technology is sure to increase in orthopedics, and, moreover, surgery in general. See the following video which discusses this topic

It is noteworthy to see that Dr. Peale believes that computer assisted surgery is leading to a “Golden Age of Orthopedic Surgery”

The field of Orthopedics seems to be gradually embracing the tools of Social Media, and engaging and educating orthopedic patients.  Dr. David Geier of South Carolina uses regular podcasts to communicate with the community about orthopedic and sports medicine issures.  The above-mentioned Dr. Andrew Pearle uses his blog to educate about developing computer-driven technologies occurring on the forefront  in Orthopedics.  Dr.Sumit Dewanjee MD, an Orthopedist from Arizona, and an active member of Memsa,  uses his blog to educate the patients about the usual orthopedic injuries.  Dr. Howard Luks MD, an orthopedisit from New York, has been a long time user of Social Media, and is now starting to do podcasts.

When you mention Orthopedic applications, you have to mention an orthopedic resident from University of California at San Diego, Orrin Franko MD.  In spite of the rigors or orthopedic residency training, Dr. Franko has found time  to put together a website, www.toporthoapps.com, that reviews Orthopedic applications, to help the viewer with navigating the increasingly numerous apps out in the market today.

Orthopedics is well-represented on the web, as far as Educational websites.  In a classic example of foresight and precosity, an Orthopedist,  Dr. Clifford Wheeless, during his Duke residency, authored an online Orthopedic textbook, at www,wheelessonline.com.  Since starting, Dr. Wheeless has assembled a formidable  large group of Orthopedic editors, and the website  is updated DAILY!  Now, that is the new internet education!

There is another tremendous educational website, state-of-the art, called “Orthobullets“.  It was created by an Orthopedist from Boston, Derek Moore, MD, who authored this site which has great educational materials and videos, but also enable the visitors to view cases and, most importantly, collaborate with other site visitors.  In the words of Dr. Moore, “…the site is designed to improve through the communal efforts…if we can build something great, we will all benefit….”


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