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This website is a great Orthopedic resource, which offers not only CME’s, but has active forums in all areas of Orthopedics; must first register, but well worth it, take it for a test ride, it is free!

orthopedic blogs

A premier state-of-the-art Medical Education website, with all types of educational materials, videos, etc, as well as the ability to form groups, and collaborate.  In the worlds of Derek Moore MD, founding Orthopedist, “…Orthobullets.com is an educational resource for orthopaedic surgeons designed to improve through the communal efforts of those who use it as a learning resource. It is a simple but powerful concept….if we work together, we can build something great, and we will all benefit.”


orthopedic doctor

Dr. Wheeless, a practicing orthopod from North Carolina, started an online orthopedic textbook in his residency at Duke University.  The website is  updated daily.  As the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery says, it is the  “best illustrated, cross-referenced and organized” online resource for orthopedic information”.


Private, Must be Orthopedic Surgeon to Join.  Supposedly, an excellent educational resource.

Hoag Orthopedic Institute

-state of the art podcasts and website for this  Orange County Orthopedic Hospital; include Orthopedic Classes,  online patient education, use of a “Patient Navigator”, who answers patients questions by email and phone, and other great features; deserves an “i-Star”

orthopedic surgeon

what is orthopedics

American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehab

orthopedic apps

Comprehensive Orthopedic Info Site

orthopedic surgery

USC Orthopedics: Ortho Info Site

orthopedic applications

orthopedic doctors

Orthopedic Tumor Surgery Website

-from SuperDoctor Mike Wittig MD, Orthopedic Oncologist of Mt. Sinai, in New York; leading edge Orthopedic Oncology Website, with education, easy patient interaction,  deserves an i-Star

Computer Assisted Robotic Surgery: What have we Learned?

Excellent Website for a Private Orthopedic Practice

From the Patient’s Side: What’s New in Orthopedicis

Street Smarts for the Practicing Physician and Surgeon

orthopedic surgery

By: Robert A. Schultz, MD

“…critical reading for anyone who…anticipates entering a practice opportunity. By combination of wit and twenty years of on-the-job training, Bob Schultz has been able to condense the business aspects of medicine into an entertaining, but very informative, book.”
— James A. Nunley, II, MD
Chief, Division of Orthopaedics
Duke University School of Medicine

BOOK BY ORTHOPOD, this one fiction

5 Ways an Orthopedist Can Effectively Use Social Media

Hoag Orthopedic Institute

-state of the art  website for this huge Orange County group of Orthopedists; include Orthopedic Classes,  online patient education, a “Patient Navigator”, who is available by email, and phone to answer patients questions, and other great features; deserves an “i-Star”

Orthopedic Principles

“This website is aimed at simplifying Postgraduate orthopaedic education and disseminating orthopaedic knowledge across the globe. Scientists at Orthopaedic Principles also understand a global paradigm shift towards Evidence Based Orthopaedics. We wish to update you with latest in “Evidence Based Orthopaedics”

Morphopedics: New Concept in Learning Orthopedics

-an interesting concept designed for orthopedic physical therapist techs, to actually go to online school, and be able to contribute pages; have to join, but easy, and you are privy to lots of good info

Orthomaties: South African Ortho Training Program

-don’t know if this is a good site, but love the name, and the accents; sounds very civilized

Orthopedic Library

-from formerly obese Hand Surgeon, Chris Oliver, DM,  who got skinny by biking


-general site about the knee, with educational resources, and directory of knee specialists

Lasers in Orthopedic Surgery



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