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A very web-savvy Orthopedist from New York.  Is starting to do podcasts, listen to his first PODCAST.  Dr. Luks takes the role of social media seriously, as a means to communicate with patients.

See the following video that speaks about the role of Social Media in patient treatment by Dr. Luks:


A Nice  Welcome Video from Howard Luks


Blog of Chicago Sport Medicine Doc, J. Martin LeLand III, MD, a very active blogger, speaker


Chris Oliver, a Hand Surgeon from Scotland, formerly obese, but got skinny from biking; set out to bike across America!

orthopedic application

5 Experienced Orthopedic Bloggers, heavy on Sports Medicine, from Providence, Rhode Island

orthopedic app

Arizona Orthopedist, member of Memsa

orthopedic blogs


orthopedic surgery

Cutting edge Orthopedist from Cornells Ortho, doing robotics in Orthopedic Surgery

what is orthopedics

Orthopod from Arizonas that speciaizes in Knees

orthopedic hosptial

Sport Medicine Specialist from South Caroloina; does Sports Medicine Podcasts

orthopedic doctor

3 Redding California Orthopods; educational blog

orthopedic surgeon

Orthopedic education on common orthopedic problems, surgical procedures, and the all-important rehabilitation

orthopedic specialist

From About.com, strict educational

orthopedic clinic

Pediatric Orthopedic Spine Surgeon from India, who started a Facebook page for Pediatric Orthopedics and Limb Deformity

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Interesting Video Blog Done by of Post-Op course of Patient s/p Hip Resurfacing: Ex-Skateboard, Surfer owner of IndoBoard, Hunter Joslin

orthopedic clinic

Orthopedist from Ft. Lauderdale



  1. Robert says:

    very illuminating informtion.

  2. Siora says:

    Good collection for orthopedic information. Thanks.

  3. Sathish Kumar says:

    I have undergone surgery for broken arm(both ulnar and radial) 2 months back. Doctors fixed 3 metal plates with 17 screws. I am trying to do some exercises at home told by physiotherapist.I have a little pain at my radial bone and i feel like my ulnar bone is shaking a little at fractured place but no pain. I am unable twist my hand (supination and pronation) like the normal one and i am unable to deviate my wrist. I am worried about it. Please suggest me what to do to be normal. I wanted to post my x ray too but i cant find a place to attach.
    Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      What? Looking for free medical advice, on a website that has medical information? Come on, are you an undercover HIPAA Agent?

      In America, that is not only illegal, but dangerous. We can generally speak about medical issues, but legally cannot address

      specific patient issues.

      The obvious answer is to see a doctor.

      This is the wrong website to have your personal medical problems addressed.

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