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Ophthalmology is yet another surgical subspecialty that has and will benefit from the changes  in digitalizaiton in medicine, and the overall benefits of the powerful educational influence of the internet.  Many Eye Doctor blogs has an eye care educational tone to them, from the Blog of 10 Ophthamologists, to the award-winning blog of the Retina Specialist from Washington.  There is even an Eye Care blog on podcasting, which is very unusual in doctor blogging, yet a very effective tool in eye care education.  This blog has the highly unusual name of “Whole Lotta Bob”, but we  at www.internetmedicine.com will refrain from speculating on the origin of that title, and be generous, attributing it to the blogger being on the chubby side..

There are no ground-breaking Ophthalmology Apps, but many fine educational ones, as well as apps  that deal with eye anatomy, and pathology.

Like a few other specialities, Eye Care is benefiting from improvements in micro-imaging, and micro-treatment.  Microscopy in medicine today, is increasing in both power and resolution, and this aids in diagnosing, and treating eye disorders.  There have even been advances to microscopy on a cellular level, and did you ever expect to see that in your lifetime?

Opthamology even has an iPhone periperal, where an iPhone can be attatched to a slit lamp to take both pictures and videos.  (see some pictures taken with an iPhone and slit lamp adaptor HERE)


There are very many top-flight Eye Care educational websites, from EyeQuiz, which is a fun way to review your knowledge of the eye care, to RootAtlas, a website that has many, great short videos on the eye.  In addition, there is the fantastic multimedia site,Atlas of Ophthalmology a true educational advance for eye care in Medicine


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