Retinal Camera Delivers Cellular Resolution 


Ophthamology Devices

(October, 2012) Imagine Eyes, a company based in France, has developed  a new retinal imaging device.  The Internet Age continues advances in all areas of imaging, and for ophthalmology, this includes the development of an Adpative Optics Retinal Camera just approved in Europe, just being CE Marked (the equivalent of FDA approval in Europe).   This imaging device is sure to improve both therapy and diagnostics in ophthalmology, since it resolves to the CELLULAR LEVEL!!

This new imaging modality is similar to the operation of the Scanning Laser OPphthalmoscopy (SLO), and the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

The Forus “3nethra” Fundus Camera:  Eye-Screening Device



Forus Health has introduced a portable, intelligent, non-invasive, non-mydriatic, low cost Fundus camera (eye care device) that helps in pre-screening of five eye diseases namely cataract, diabetic retina, glaucoma, cornea issues as well as refractive index measurements. It has a retinal camera with inbuilt refractometer that captures the images of the retina and, through it’s image processing algorithm, generates an automatic report about the problem it has detected. The report is generated within 5 minutes of screening process, carries information on both retinal images and a brief about the problem diagnosed. The quality of the images is excellent for pre-screening and screening purposes.

The device can be further integrated with remote diagnosis systems like telemedicine and can help a patient to get screened in a remote condition. 3nethra was developed with the sole aim of taking mass pre-screening away from hospitals so that doctors spend time on needy patients.

So, much like the Vscan has been used in Malaysia to screen for obstetrical fetal problems, and cardiac valve problems,  you do not have to have a specialist manning the hardware, but a healthcare worker can be schooled in this technology, and can send images to a remote ophthamologist, if needed, for more definitive care.    It is proven to be very valuable in a country like India, where eye docs are rare; there is one for every 60,000 people!!

For more info, go HERE

Slit Lamp iPhone Eyepiece Digital Adapter

Slit Lamp iPhoneiPhone Peripheral

Eyepiece adapter for the iPhone. You can plug in your iPhone 4 or 4s and take high definition pictures and video.  Equipped to adapt to most slit lamps on the market today. (to see some examples of pictures taken with the iPhone and the slit lamp adaptor, go HERE)

Eye Care

Adjustable Lenses on Glasses

A very competitive field today is the medical device of adjustable lenses on glasses, that act like an adjuster on binoculars.  See the following video which explains it


Eyewire Crowdsources Retinal Connectome Mapping

Eye Doctor In
(October 2012) Scientists at Eyewire, developed by neuroscientists at MIT, have made a game, for anyone to play, to try to map the massive amounts of data to map neuronal networks in the retina.    (Using a large number of people to tasks like this are called “crowdsourcing”.)
The section of the retina is provided by a microscopic image from a serial electron microscope, and,  individuals are enlisted from around the world to connect the neurons in a small part of the retina manually, since, at this time, it cannot all be done automatically.  See the story of using Crowdsourcing to Improve Science.……

World’s Smallest Medical Implant iStent Reduces Intraocular Pressure, Now Cleared in U.S.

Eye Institute
(October 2012)  This is the world’s smallest stent, just approved by the FDA, designed specifically for glaucoma treatment, more specifically,….”open-angle glaucoma in patients needing cataract extraction“….The anatomical cause thought to cause the majority of open angle glaucoma is a problem with drainage through the trabecular network, and this stent is hoped to help drainage.  Don’t drink coffee before installing this stent!


Nidek AFC-330 Automated Fundus Camera Cleared in U.S.

Eye Doctor In
(October 2012) The FDA has cleared that Japanese-engineered “AFC-330 Fundus Camera”.  Currently, when visualizing the fundi, a camera and a processing unit were separate, but the AFC-330 incorporates both in one unit, making the process more efficient, and easier.



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