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Open Source is a computer related concept that means that the code behind a particular operating system is NOT private, as is Windows, but is open to any individuals to tinker with the code for any reason, hopefully for improvements. In this respect, they are called “tweaks in the code”, and this concept has been a tremendous boon to the Linux operating system. Developers from the world over have made improvements to this browser. The same applies to the program that does this site, WordPress. Developers all over the world add widgets, and changes that continually improve the power of this operating system.

Open Source: A Wiki for the  World Medical Community

But how is “Open Source” applicable to the Internet Age of  Medicine today? Well, the Internet allows any user to communicate with another user, collaborate, if you will,  if they have an internet connection. There is no central control, but the power is spread out to the periphery. Physicians all over the world can, in a sense, be “peripheral sensors”, and input in sites like this their experience, strength and hope. Researchers in India can tell the world of their success providing effective Telemedicine in the mountains of India with a relatively low band video set up. In Australia, government agencies can tell you about the success of providing iPads to all the government physicians.  Now, the difference from reading about these developments it that one can COLLABORATE, or COMMUNICATE,  in real time with people that are involved with this project, through web sites such as this, through private email, through video chats, etc.   As Bill Gates says, the internet provides a global village, a place to come to exchange ideas, and communicate. Medicine and Healthcare can certainly benefit in many ways from this.

On this website, you can contribute your thoughts, experience, strengths and hopes in the “Comments” are of each page, as well as be an active participant in the “Forums”.  If you prefer, you may remain anonymous.

So, this website will only be as strong as you, the peripheral sensor, who has the potential to add useful data to the health cloud of the world.

This is only the beginning.

50 Open Source Projects that Will Change Medicine


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