Well, almost daily podcast, but,  who’s is keeping score?

Witty, Entertaining

UCSF Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds Video Podcasts

-start of the art educational, but need to learn how to use equipment!



MUSC: Pregnancy: Week by Week Podcasts


MUSC: Pregnancy and Childbirth Podcasts


MUSC: Woman’s Health Podcasts


Academic Ob/Gyn Podcasts


Ob/Gyn 101: Gray-Haired Notes Podcasts


Ob/Gyn Podcasts to Go


Medscape Ob/Gyn Podcasts


North Carolina Ob/Gyn Private Doc’s Podcasts


Ob/Gyn Resources Podcasts


Ob/Gyn News Podcasts

-Must register

PodBean Ob/Gyn Podcasts


Ob/Gyn.net Podcast Series


iTunes Ob/Gyn Podcasts


UK Ob/Gyn Podcasts


International Journal of Ob/Gyn Podcasts


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