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A good introductory reading for the changing role of the nurse today is Nursing in the Internet Age. In this very well written piece, is said …”healthcare is undergoing a paradigm shift, moving from “Industrial Age Medicine to Information Age Healthcare”. If we are going to keep up with this shift, we need to move quickly to make sure that all newly qualified nurses have the skills and knowledge that they need to work in this new and developing culture….”.

Following are general topics on how the internet is used for today’s Nurse:

Computer Skills

Today’s nurse should have the requisite skills to use a computer and its tools, to leverage its power.  Skills such as effective browsing for medical info, use of medical applications, use of smartphones as cameras, the ability to text doctors, how to transmit clinical information to doctors, how to transmit photos and images to doctors, etc.

Nurse Information

Nurses can receive education online as part of their actual nursing education, in a convenient, asynchronous manner (i.e., when they want it),  In addition, today’s nurse can receive CME’s online (Nurses Continuing Education)

Information Sites

Nurse must keep tract of ACCURATE, and UP TO DATE medical information sites to inform both themselvs and patients.  These sites would include sites like, and  Patients might not know where to start for good medical info, and may fall prey to with false, misleading medical advice, frequently from non-medical personel with good web development skills.

See the following video to show the tremendous benefit of to keep up to date on online medical information:


Mobile Medicine

Nurses can keep tract, in undeveloped countries, areas of disease or epidemics, of location of outlying clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.  Also, in certain cases, Smartphones and Vscans can be used in undeveloped countries to tranmit photos of microscopic slides of suspected contagious disease to doctors in more central areas, as well as transmit cardiac valve images to cardiologists in bigger healthcare zones.

Support Groups

There are multiple support groups for patients, that the nurse can educate the patient, such as  general medical information at,, for cancer patients, diabetic support sites for diabetics, etc.


As in the aforementioned “Mobile Medicine” subgroup, nurses onsite in the hospital can transmit, via the SmartPhone, photos of decubiti to physicians in another location, to see if they require intervention, etc.

Creating Nursing Community

There is an excellent online popular nursing community at  It is very active, supportive, and informative todays i-Nurse.



Great info site for nurse


Live Nurse App

Connects patients with nurses  in real-time. GreatCall,  LiveNurse offers unlimited access to a registered nurse 24 hours a day and seven days a week along with a medical library and symptom navigator tool.

Nurses Forums

internet nurse

 Nursing guidebook

Financial aid options for Nursing students

Career paths for Nursing students: 

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback once you have a chance to review our guides. Will you be able to add the links to these resources on your website?


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