The specialty of Neurosurgery has been well represented on the internet.  Way back in 2008, two Swedish neurosurgeons seem to grasp the importance of the internet in communication and education, when they started a blog, called NEUROSURGICwhose concept is world-wide collaboration between neurosurgeons.  This blog will increase in popularity the more connected the world, and neurogsurgeons become.

The medical profession is blessed to have a Dutch neurosurgical resident, Pietra Kubben MD,  whose versatility not only includes making the most popular app for Neurosurgeons, Neuromind, but is also very active in the field of Medical Infomatics (see a Video of his Conference Speech at a TED Conference in 2011), as well as completing a PhD in intraoperative MRI-guided surgery for brain gliomas.  All this while doing a neurosurgical residency!

There is another neurosurgical resident from Texas, Colin Day, who is sure to be a force on the internet for other neurosurgeons.  He started a career, at USC film school, to pursue a career as a screenwriter, but left it to become a, you guessed it, a neurosurgeon!  He is using his writing skills, addressing healthcare issues of the neurosurgical world, in his blog, Residency Notes.

Perhaps one of the most interesting websites of any medical professional is done by a Brasilian Neurosurgeon, Edson Zerati.  Not only is he a noted neurosurgeon in Brasil, but he also is skilled in education, as well as film-making.

The research field in neurosurgery has been given a great boost by the influence of the internet.  MRI Interventions are ncreasingly being used for diagnosis, treatment, and drug therapy in the Brain.  The field of

Brain Computer Interface is undergoing much work, to try to aid an injured brain back to a semblance of normalcy.  And, to show the world that private enterprise is serious in aiding Neurosurgical health care, there exists a lab in Munich, Germany, which is dedicated to Brain research, called.  There are 260 full-time engineers working on brain research there,  much of the research concerns brain tumors, and optimization of treatment with the aid of advances in computer technology.



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  1. Mark David says:

    Its better to take precaution from early stage. Many people get problem in their brain due to not taking care and it lead to death. Early stage prevention is better then last stage.

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