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Mobile Medicine Make Home Health Care a Viable Option


The purpose of this page is to briefly examine the doctor in a “Mobile” setting, in the role as healthprovider, i.e., housecalls, etc.  The doctor today has more tools to use when “on the road”. As long as internet access is possessed, the doctor can:

1) Access medical records of patient “in the cloud”, at the Electronic Medical Record”, with, of course, the patient’s permsission

2) Research any medical questions (i.e., can I give Keflex to someone allergic to Penicillin?)

3) Use the Smartphone with its peripherals, such as a microscope, skin scan, portable EKG,  portable glucometer,  etc.

4) Consult with another physician, or healthcare provider, via “FaceTime” Apple app, or VideoWhisper.

5) More efficiently call in prescription directly onsite with iPad or iPhone Pharmacy App (Walgreens, CVS, etc.)

6) A Texas-based company, called DxUpClose,  has developed a bacterial diagnostic system that uses electronic sensors to help patients quickly screen for a specific infection by counting bacteria and performing a rapid antimicrobial sensitivity test. Results of the screening and treatment recommendations can then be sent to healthcare workers’ smartphones within an hour.

There is currently a hand-held ultrasound device, portable and wireless that can used in the field to diagnose gallstones, kidney stones, and a fetus in distress.  Currently there is the i-Stat to do portable blood work. In addition, there are portable EKG applications for the Smartphones.

Those are just a few of the new, wireless,mobile portable devices on the market, and there is sure to be continued developments of other technologies in the next few years, to allow the mobile doctor, to have the tools that a modern clinic has now.

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