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Also of interest were differences in mobile-device use between practitioners in various medical specialties. “We assumed that specialty-based segments of the medical community might differ in their media habits and use mobile devices to varying degrees,” said Mike Donatello, vice president of research at Bulletin Healthcare parent company Bulletin News, LLC. “Still, we were surprised to find a threefold range in mobile-device use, between emergency physicians and physician assistants on the high end, and clinical pathologists on the low end.” Bulletin Healthcare found usage among specific specialties to be:

Physician Assistants – 41%
Emergency Room Physicians – 40%
Cardiologists – 33%
Urologists – 31%
Nephrologists – 31%
Dermatologists – 30%
Gastroenterologists – 30%
Psychiatrists – 28%
Optometrists – 28%
Radiologists – 24%
Rheumatologists – 22%
Endocrinologists – 21%
Oncologists – 20%
Clinical Pathologists – 16%

Medical App for Top Research Project in each Specialty

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